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Thread: Dynastinae Build Diary

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    Banebots wheels are mentioned heavily on here. They fit straight on to different shaft sizes, have options for double or even triple wheels on one hub and are meant to be quite grippy. I will be using a double set for my Beetleweight, once FD finally has his first fight.

    Here is the link:

    You have to get them sent across from the US so check the postage, import tax etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    Perfect! All that's left to put in is a switch or removable link on the live cable before it gets to the esc's. Also don't forget that you only need power from one esc to get to the receiver or it will pop. You do this by cutting the live or earth (can't remember which, am hoping someone will step in here) so that only the signal gets to the receiver and not several lots of amps. The reiver futuba type cables are live, earth n signal.
    You usually cut the red wire to turn off the BEC power supply from the esc to the receiver (when you have a black, white and red wire).

    I trimmed mine just before the connection to the receiver so the rest of the cable didn't peel apart along its length, cut a couple of mm off so it couldn't accidentally short together, and then taped the ends.

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    Yeah, don't cut the ground wire, you need that to reference the data signal. Also you don't have to cut them. There is a little flap you can pull up to remove the wire from the connector without cutting it. See here:

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    Is that foam / sponge tread? More experienced Beetleweighters will have to step in if I'm wrong, but they seem a little too lightweight to me.

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