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Thread: Neumotor 8019 strip down

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    Well, in one of my last trips to the US I picked up a couple of Neumotor 8019 motors and very nice they are

    The shafts are designed for collet mount and I wanted to put a pinion on with a keyway. Therefore I had to strip the motor down to get the shaft out.
    I also wanted to see how the statement "The motors feature shafts that can be configured for both front or rear mounting." works and when I spoke to them they stated that

    These are what they looked like initially

    I then pulled them apart

    The shaft is interesting. I was hoping for something simpler as it could do with being a bit longer for the pinion I have. Not feeling optimistic on that

    You can see how the shaft bolts into the magnetic ring

    The windings in all their glory. Could be a bit neater

    The motor does have 2 bearings front and back made by NSK in Japan
    The magnets have spacers but some epoxy would be handy

    Oh, and I still cant figure the shaft out for reversing....

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    Did they mention a price?

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    The shaft isn't too complex. I'm sure any half decent machining outfit could make you a replacement fairly quickly.

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    Some times its just easier to buy parts if the price is right.

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    I don't disagree there!

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