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Thread: LED headlights

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    I am planning on using some quite big LEDs on Swift to point out of the front of the robot to create a bit of a 'headlight' effect.
    Unfortunately, not having any clue about LEDs, I have no clue what sort of power levels are required, and finding reasonably sized, unidirectional, available-in-a-pleasing-variety-of-colours LEDs that will run happily on 12V has not been going well so far - the main market appears to be car mods, and I'm a bit wary of those due to quality and current consumption.

    Can anyone from the general hivemind share what they've found or would advise?

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    What about some of those DIY garden lights that are meant to be set into a patio? They'll mount in your armour nicely, plus they'll be tough because they're designed to stand up to being walked all over.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. I'm thinking I should maybe have made clearer that I'm really after a solution that runs off 12v/24v - anyone got any experience outside of LED tape?

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    It's not hard to rig up a little board with a couple of resistors and LEDs yourself. Each one will use around 3V, assuming you're going for white LEDs. Why not get some stripboard/veroboard and prototype it?

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    running four in series works which will drop 4x3v = 12v

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    And then just put strings of four in parallel for more.

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