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Thread: Featherweight Wheels

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    Having spoken to a machinist at work, we are now able to produce 80mm wheels for Saturn motors!

    These wheels will fit the 12mm shaft and will have the 3mm key to attach them to it. Costs will be similar if not identical to the wheels with nut inserts. As with last time, if there is interest here I would appreciate knowing if it is worth us undertaking or not.

    We are also able to offer machining of any custom parts, be it wheels, hubs, mounts or any other armour components made to order. Our machinist is happy to make custom fit hubs to any wheels size you may need if a suitable wheel can be found and demand is there.

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    Not yet, I'm still waiting to see if its worthwhile making them before I do. If there is it'll be August/September before I start production.

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    Are you planning on making a new batch of these for drills anytime soon?

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    I'm currently looking into it, I have had quite a few requests.

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    It is worth noting that Gimson do also sell a wheel hub that fits the GR-EP-45 perfectly, so you can select a wheel with a flat face and simply drill 4x holes into them and mount that onto the wheel hub like you would a car wheel. Works fine for my Featherweight, which also uses the same motors.

    These wheels won't work with that motor anyway by the looks of things, the shaft is 10mm diameter with a keyway, the wheel's internal diameter is 12mm diameter but then again, AntTazz did mention did say that they might be able to machine to fit so worth enquiring?
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    you could use THIS like Ocracoke suggested, or really anything that has the same keyway.

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