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Thread: what could happen if Techno Games came back on BBC2 in this day & age.

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    Before anyone get peeved just read this & say what you think,

    To day I was talking to a friend of mine about the history both Robot Wars & Techno Games. I know there both were fantastic TV shows from 90's to 00's. I mentioned how some people liked Robot Wars more Techno Games less, others didn't like Robot Wars but loved Techno Games & most people loved both Robot Wars & Techno Games as well as saying it was great that last year Robot Wars came back to our screen but there's one thing I said that might be true about the viewings if Techno Games was ever came back to our screen too.

    Last year Robot wars had 2 million people watched on BBC 2 than the finale of top gear which was good enough to get second reboot series for this years, but this is what I was worried about if any Techno Games fans mention about having it back as well. I think in this day & age if Techno Game was to return it could kill the viewing rating of Robot Wars which nobody wants, it's a hard one say as Techno Games was & still is a fantastic show Techno Games properly wasn't as a big hit to fans as Robot Wars was. Plus people could get bored having robot base TV shows like current Robot Wars & U.S reboot 2016 season Battlebots on channel Spike on Wednesday 8th.

    Don't get me wrong I love Techno Games as it a great show to go on if you couldn't get on Robot Wars, or to test you heavyweight robot for Robot Wars. I would love to go on Robot Wars to compete in the featherweight in may, it's shame to think that Techno Games wouldn't ever come back to our screen due to what ever reasons but I still think it would be to with rating & we don't want to lose Robot Wars again.

    I know there was a live event base on Techno Games known as UKrobotics (2004 -2005) which sadly didn't last very long which I love to see live Techno Games base events like what UKrobotics tried to do. SO what do everyone think?

    Again this is just opinion, I dodn't want people make a song & dance or make a fuss about it.

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