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Thread: New Legand 12oz CO2 bottle

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    Hiya, after doing several weeks of research into Pneumatic systems for feathers, already worked on Pneumatic systems for heavy many many years ago, I set to and bought a New Legand 12oz CO2 bottle with on\off valve at £30 inc postage from Germany.

    About an hour after hitting submit payment, I started to read about some other tanks I was looking to get which were 9oz bottles with the DOT certification. This is where I started to read about DOT not being CE UK approved but an American standard. So this brings me back to my new shined tank making its way from Germany.

    Would the German tank be DOT classified and therefore I wouldn't be able to use it? I believe DOT is european too, and therefore the German bottle could be DOT...

    Have I just bought something I wouldn't be able to use in an actual event, anyone else know if these German bottles would be DOT?

    Will email seller to ask.

    Thanks for your advice on past purchasing...

    Additional, if I bought the DOT 9oz bottle (£2.50) could I use them as a buffer at a later date? Or would they still need to be CE?

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    The European pressure test approval mark is a Pi. if that 12oz tank has a PI symbol stamped in the neck, nearby the other data, your bottle is CE checked.

    The 9oz tank some German sellers do sell are US approved bottles, but not recertified for Europe.
    Any decent firm doing pressure tests can give those tanks a full bill of health and get these in order for our use.

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    So when he bottle arrives from Germany, I shall check if it has Pi stamped. That's fine.

    The small bottles, may have been a dud buy, but I can use them as practise bottles for my own use which is ok.

    The thing that started it off was reading a long post on scuba forums saying U.K. Companies would not at any cost test certify or fill a DOT bottle from the US, which yes relates to scuba gear, but it's still a bottle.
    Hopefully a nice place will be able to check these, but anyway, at effectively at £7.50 a bottle, I can't complain much if I can't use them at all or restricted to personal use.

    Now I need to get my regulator and systems will be up and runnin! Aquarium regs?

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    Scuba centers ain't the only ones doing pressure tests.
    You could look at gas bottle filling companies and ask them if they test bottles.

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    When I get the bottles I will make a call to some companies to find out.

    There are many out there, and I'm thinking the aquarium regs would be best, is an option, but what do you guys use? Trevor regs are difficult to find and my larger gas reg is just way too big for these applications.

    I have searched through these forums for regulator comments, but could anyone suggest one now with Amazon eBay links?

    Edit, is this suitable?

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    I don't use regs anymore. Or FP, or binary controlled pressure regulation.

    And my only experience with a paintball reg was a dissapointment class A.

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    no reg nor FP? that rules out most options surely?
    What do you use?

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    In feathers I use FP.
    For heavies it's FP or a setup, using a Burkert 5404 valve and a setup with pressure switches to control that Burkert.

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    I've used the second type of regulator without any issues, was a bit fiddly to adjust to get a constant pressure but I managed.

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    Am going to make a list of components for the system and then make the order, my bottles are starting to arrive.

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