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Thread: Anty-Clockwise

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    Just finished my first antweight yesterday, Anty-Clockwise. I built this for my university's Roboteer's society, since we can't really run anything bigger given our budget and safety restrictions. Took me about a month, including CAD and waiting for parts. Made mostly from 1.5mm HDPE, 1.5mm polycarbonate, and 5mm HDPE bulkheads. Uses Rory Mangles' NanoTwo V2 ESC and a brushless motor and ESC from Hobbyking, with a 2s 180mAh lipo powering it all. The spinning blade on the front is 40mm in diameter, and is made of 3mm stainless steel, weighing around 15g. I have yet to measure its RPM. In this test video, it's running at around 50% power:

    I'm working on designs for a Mk II with a bigger blade (more than twice the weight) and invert-able construction, but I'm not sure when I'll finish it.

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    cool ant, first one I've seen that uses a removable link.

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    Hmm, I didn't really think about that. I just put a removable link on because that tends to be the done thing, but looking at the antweight rules, it looks like you can use a switch instead. Still, weight is tight, this might end up being the lightest way to do it.

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    Where are you getting the new blade cut? If you're doing it soon, I've got a blade to be cut for Robotsoc as well, it would be cheaper to do it in the same order.

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    I actually already had several cut at once. I was planning to make them interchangeable, but the others ended up being too heavy. I ordered them from Kcut.

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    Dude that looks really cool. Nice work!

    Also University Roboteer's society!? That sounds awesome. Haha, I totally need to transfer to this Uni We have absolutely nothing like that at all where I study.

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    I know, all universities should have one! It only started this year though, maybe you should start one too. I'm surprised we didn't have the society earlier, especially having Noel Sharkey here.

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    University of Sheffield?

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    Yup, that's it. Though I'm technically in the ACSE department, whereas I think Prof. Sharkey works in the dept. of computer science.
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    Uni of Sheffield has a robotics society? I picked the wrong one of the two unis to go to evidently

    If ever you need a hand with anything robot-ey in the society I'm based in Sheffield so don't mind helping if it'd be useful

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