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Thread: New style Argos drill motors: A look inside and review

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    If you have access to some water pipe vice grips they will allow you to hold the chuck as you unscrew.
    Go to screw it as if you tighten it then unscrew.
    Give the screwdriver a tap head on .

    3 tips on getting screw out.

    Getting the chuck off the spindle, put Allen key into chuck and tighten it. Then give it a knock and will undoo

    EDIT: i wrote this reply quickly hence poor grammar and short sentences awaiting my cnc router to finish machining more parts
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    Argos drill motor mounts....

    I have had a demand for Argos motor mounts last couple weeks, and I sold my last set that I have in stock today.
    I will however, be making more next week and can start shipping out again Tuesday 21st August 2018

    I can also change dimensions of centre to base (height of shaft to base) should anyone need.
    Thank you :-)

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