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Thread: Using 18650 batteries in battle robot?

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    A quick google says that each Cell (18650) has a capacity of 2600mAh @ 3.7v... so wiring that to get 11.1V and 2.6Ah of capacity would be... ok. If you are set on using those I'd say go 6 of them to give 5.2Ah at 11.1v. That is overkill but they would allow you to draw much more current.
    One of the main issues with LiIon is that their max current draw is not very good (A quick google says just 3A!) which is why we use LiPo's, which can do much higher. Because you will be slamming the robot from forward to reverse it means lots of high current spikes. If your batteries can't cope you get a) a slow responding robot, and b) possibly damaged batteries.

    I'd look at something like this - - This should last you several robots if you treat it right, and will deliver more current than you will ever need unless you get a spinning weapon.

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    Electric of CO2 powered flipper?

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    PM me

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