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Thread: Robot Wars cancelled

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    So, Team Carbide on twitter today announced Robot Wars has been axed.

    Link to tweet:

    Team Eruption & Storm have also commented on it, Storm 'confirming' it:

    Seems these teams have insider knowledge. Sad to hear, I hope the arena is sold off rather than destroyed, and hopefully can be used for a future commission by another channel.

    Sad to hear, but as Team Storm mentioned, there are now more events and TV aired shows globally, so the sport is certainly more alive since RW was commissioned again. Let's hope it stays there!

    Mentorn also own the rights and the arena. So they may try to pitch it to another channel. The current warehouse is rented for its thought another year. So there is some space there still...

    EDIT: The official twitter for UKRobotwars has now also confirmed this;
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    Team Kaizen

    Urmm... OK, wow. Wonder what the rationale was for this? I know Team Storm noted on their Twitter account about the value of production vs the viewing figures but it can't have been that bad surely?
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    This is slightly depressing... hopefully in the not too distant future we shall see a return :/

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    Well, I just learnt about this...

    Damnit all to hell and back.

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    They could have told us a bit earlier so we could actually have applied for BattleBots instead!! The complete lack of communication is infuriating! Guess we will just build a bunch of feathers for insomnia to burn all our money then...

    Hopefully another channel sees sense and continues it.

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    This really sucks, and I'm pretty sad about it. But what this basically means is that we have to enter as many foreign events and shows as possible to make some network jealous enough to bring it back. Hopefully a network that actually gives a damn about the success of one of the best shows on TV.

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    I see another long hiatus in the horizon. I know for sure 2018 and 2019 will be great for robots; we still have lots of shows and fans for the live events. Let's hope we keep the audiences coming and not end up as we did in 2009 (like, there are some seriously depressing threads from then).

    We may not have Robot Wars for the time being, but the sport will carry on no matter what. We'll survive no matter what

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