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Thread: Rex Garrod

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    I've been reading up on some websites about rex garrod and it some say he has early dementia and others say he died an others say he's right as rain. How is he?

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    Rex Garrod does have dementia but is alive, last time I read on the topic. I don't know anything else about his health.

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    Sad to hear that Rex passed on on Monday, condolences with his family and friends

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    This is really sad news, Rex and his recycops was the inspiration for me to get into
    Robot Wars and Robots.
    I met Reg for the filming of series two of Robot Wars and jokingly told him to get his
    foot off the spikes on Piece De Resistance.
    RIP Reg

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    Some members may not have seen this first time round-Peter kays spoof of Robot Wars.

    I didn't realise it at the time but Rex Garrod makes an appearance and I suspect Rex had

    quite a lot to do with the building of the Robots .

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