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Thread: Up to £1000 offer for a Robot Wars team

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    Hi, I’m Isaac, lifetime Robot Wars fan. A new series of Robot Wars has been announced with another very close deadline, and getting your robots ready for this date is certain to be a challenge. Because of this, I’m offering a maximum £1000 ‘sponsorship’ to one team, veteran or newcomer, to get their robot up to scratch. Compared to the lowered £500 payment offered by the BBC, I’d like to think this would go a long way.

    However, I say ‘sponsorship’ so loosely, because I’m not pledging this figure for any sort of advertisement or financial turnaround. Rather, if anyone accepts my offer, I wish to join their team on the televised season, and compete alongside your robot in the arena.

    That doesn’t mean I need to have an active role on the team, I wouldn’t want to intrude any further and take someone’s controller, but I’d want to be there in the pits as a member of the team. With no engineering experience beyond a Level 1 FRA Fighting Robots qualification to my name, I wouldn’t exactly be a valuable asset in terms of pit work and repairs, but I’m willing to have a go at anything you think I could help with.

    Returning to the payment itself, my offer is a maximum of £1000 – this would come in two instalments. The team who’s willing to let me join them will receive £200 up-front via PayPal as soon as they’ve accepted me, which should hopefully cover the cost of some spare parts/armour and some belief in my offer. Then, if our team qualifies for the new series, I’ll pay the remainder of the agreed amount. I can’t afford to gamble a full thousand pounds on a mere chance of making it onto the show, after all, but if your robot is not accepted, the £200 will still be yours to keep. In the (very aspirational and perhaps unlikely) event of more than one team offering me a position, I’d be inclined to pick the side who asks for less than the full £1000.

    I've been informed that team members can be added to application forms after the original submission has been made, so therefore my offer will last until the end of BBC's application process, on October 21st. Once that day rolls around, I will see how many people were interested in the offer, and if I have any responses, I’ll send £200 to the selected team.

    So that wraps it up, any further questions, be it enquiry or a response to the offer, should be made through private conversation on Facebook or email. The link to my profile and email is at the bottom of the post, feel free to add me, and send any questions from there. I hope to see a response!

    --Isaac Sharp

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