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Thread: Could this be the basis of an Antweight?

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    Morning chaps. I am mainly building a Featherweight, but cruising around Amazon I keep seeing enough components that I fancy for an Antweight too just to mess with.

    Has anyone come across this kit before?

    The weight is listed as 50g, 150 with packaging - could it be handy for an Ant? My usual method for building or programming is is to get something working quickly and then optimise / replace so starting a bit heavy isn't the end of the world.

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    might not fit the size limit, and most robots in the Antweight class are made from scratch with bases made from 3d printing or a light weight material like 1mm polycarb plastic.

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    Yeah, I saw it was a bit long, but I figured it could be cut down or bent while I'm fiddling, and then moved to a new chassis. it would probably end up like Triggers brush.
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    It looks a little bit long to me; when you bear in mind the size limit and the fact those wheels are at least 50mm diameter I don't think it'd be suitable. The best use for it would be to take the pre-hacked servos off and use them for drive, if you don't already have motors!

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    Of course you could use it, you could take off the caster and bend the chassis into whatever shape you want. The wheels would probably be fine as-well to be honest, they're just over an inch going by the quoted ground clearance. But the servos are no-name, you'd be just as well buying the component parts for cheaper. (Or the ones I'm selling ;P)

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