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Thread: Robot Wars Series VIII - Week 1 Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by team death View Post
    Overall I liked the new series of Robot Wars -shame the intro music and sequences have been dropped, but the arena
    looked great and feel was more mature.
    Interesting to see how veteren roboteers have changed and how the robots in the words of noel sharky have changed very
    There are obvious increases in the power/reliability/build quality- but visually you could line them up with the series 3 robots
    and fail to pick out 2016 machines from 2000 machines unless you know your onions.
    Didn't like the way nuts and first round robots were treated to massive distruction-no punches pulled while others were treated
    with kid gloves, thier robots may look like they are knocked up in a trice but i can assure you they are not and its just as
    painfull for thier machines to be destroyed as anyone else's.
    I love to see distruction and so do the programme makers and viewers but I say treat your apponents robot with respect
    and the programme makers will as usual....not be paying for any robot to be repaired.
    To be fair, the damage sustained by Bonk, Razer and Kill-E-Crank-E didn't look serious at all, and The General only lost a wheel, not an entire drive assembly like Nuts. Nuts sustained massive damage indeed, but (please correct me if I'm wrong) it didn't look like a robot that was intended to be particularly armoured against spinners. I can't blame Carbide for wanting to do as much damage as possible to avoid a judge's decision, the logic of which is maybe something to think about with regard to fairness and respect. Behemoth also sustained huge amounts of damage, and certainly no punches were pulled against them. The only real damage I saw done to Terrorherz was Dead Metal's slice through its underside. Yes they'll have to replace that CO2 bottle, but I can't see it being too expensive overall. Admittedly it would be nice for the show to fund repairs, and I feel it would be fair compensation for coming on the show. However, I'm sure all the teams that did go in were fully prepared and agreed to this kind of outcome, so I don't think it's necessarily wrong for them not to.

    A couple of things I noticed:
    -Carbide changed their tyres to larger ones after getting stuck on the flame pit in their bout with Terrorherz.
    -Aren't Nuts' flails classed as an entanglement weapon?
    -Who's that featherweight in the intro sequence?

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    It's full combat, you don't go in against a spinner and expect to be hugged. If you can't deal with sustaining damage stay out of full combat.

    "-Aren't Nuts' flails classed as an entanglement weapon?" No

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakey View Post
    It's full combat, you don't go in against a spinner and expect to be hugged.
    But what if you just need to be held?

    I thought the show was absolutely brilliant to be honest - the lack of a theme song, and a couple of the early fight camera angles, would be the only things I'd change. I'd like there to be more fights in the first round so you can't just turn up, lose, and then have to go home, but then that's slightly selfish wishful thinking on my part! It was so good to see it again, and I'll have to get on with Swift now...

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    i watched with happy nostalgia yer its changed but so has alot in over a decade! Pleased to see it back and i cant wait to se what old guard come back from the abyss and what new faces make a name for themselves

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