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Thread: Team Shakey - Custom Designed Antweights

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    This service is no longer available, I do still sell a range of standard designs here:

    I've been producing custom designed and built antweights for people providing competition class robots that are unique and effective. I offer a complete service where I design, source and construct an antweight based on your ideas, or even a miniature version of your heavy! Once designed the chassis are printed in house on a modified Prusa i3 in ABS to give them a strong chassis, typically with further polycarbonate armour leaving them ready to take on the spinners of the ant world. A CNC router is also used to help armour your robot in precision cut polycarbonate and allow for stronger more complex designs.

    All robots are fully AWS legal and built using high quality components and materials backed up by ~7 years and 4 AWS wins worth of experience. I can produce a range of designs from simple pushers to spinners, walkers and high powered flippers.

    There are a couple of restriction such as I normally do not produce spinners for people unless I am confident they can handle them and only components I have chosen will be used in the robot (this is to ensure the best functioning robot I can). Typical lead time is 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the robot. All antweights are DSM2 based and supplied without charger or transmitter (But these can be provided at cost).

    Please contact me for more details and a quote. A list of standard quotes is available in the link below, individual designs may vary but most the time it should match.

    You can contact me through the forums, on facebook (Alex 'Shakey' Shakespeare') or through email at shakey_aj[at]

    I've included a few examples of past builds below:

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    Do you ship internationally?

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    Postage to the US looks to be £15 (signed for with enough coverage), 5-7 working days. I wouldn't be able to send the LiPo though so I'd have to instruct you on which to buy yourself.

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    I feel now is a good time to let people know this is still very much active, I sell these ants to fund all my roboteering!

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    Hey! Think ive seen you selling these on eBay! What would be a ballpark figure you'd charge for these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albear View Post
    Hey! Think ive seen you selling these on eBay! What would be a ballpark figure you'd charge for these?
    Heya, there's a link in the original post to a spreadsheet with pricing information.

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    ok thanks

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    Do you sell those wheels with the metal covers and would they fit on the robotwars101 kit?

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