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Thread: Mobility Scooters .... by the dozen !

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    I tend to find that is the easiest way to upload pics on the net.

    My post code is AB42 5AB

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    I could do with 2 complete drivetrains, preferably in the 400 to 500w range.

    1- Typhoon_Driver - 2x or 4x (photos) drive motors and or / 2 complete scooters
    2- R9000 - 2x drivetrains, motors, batteries, wheels, control hardware or any combination of those, as long as there's two of them, or for example there's one battery for both motors.
    3- Pinski1 - 2x drive train only, no motors, no batteries
    4- Shakey - 4x matching drive motors ideally, otherwise just 2 matching pairs.
    5- Maddox - Complete mobility scooter, only lacking bodywork,seat and/or batteries.
    6- Niels - Team K.a.L.M. - 2x complete drivetrain(left/right), 400 to 500w range if possible

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    Send me a PM when and where we can pick it up please.

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    Pair of batteries arrive today so i'll test the 8 units I have this weekend.

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    Are there any (working) drive systems left per chance?

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    Any updates?

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    sorry for delay guys, my laptop died, got a new one this week and after a lot of messing about i am back online.

    I've still got to test the rest of units then i can post images and state of repair.

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    I'm heading down that way next week - if there's a complete unit (frame/motors/gearbox) I am willing to collect

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    Mr White you have a private message

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    1- baker01t- 1 completed or 1 frame with drive (or the closest that's available)

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