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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot: first feather weight robot

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    I have to agree with Nat 100%, Jonno's events are for a paying audience and they love

    destruction and there would be calls for money back if Robots were just shoving each

    other around.

    I first attended jonno's events 15 years ago when he was just starting out and the Arena

    was barely 12 ft x 12 ft for heavies so you might say I know the score.

    Every time I have attended Roaming Robots now EXR my Robot has been wrecked

    to the point I ask myself what's the point? !.

    Well now we have choices which were not always available-there is EXR or Robots Live

    or Robodojo and others so you can take your choice.

    It does not matter if you spend months building a Robot and thousands of pounds or

    knock it together in a couple of week and spend pennies-it hurts when it gets wrecked.

    So in conclusion it's wise to select your event carefully .

    It's genuinely sad to see CSB 2 badly damaged and I can't see how you could have tapped out in

    all that Mayhem.

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    As sympathetic as I am to the damage, nobody forces anyone else to go into these melees. I think if you’re testing your new robot then an ER melee is the worst place you can do this. With regards to tip speed limits, Shrekt ran at half speed (~100mph) at Bolton and still caused a fair amount of damage, so that’s not really a solution either. At the end of the day it’s combat robots, so if you’re worried about damage don’t intentionally go into spinner melees, and if you do don’t then blame the spinner guys for doing damage. I agree with leaving dead robots alone, however I don’t think Ellis is fully to blame there as Neon is very fast, ricochets off at weird angles and the visibility is not the best.

    I hope you can get get it fixed, but maybe Sportsman at robodojo is better for initial tests

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    With regards to tip speed limits, Shrekt ran at half speed (~100mph) at Bolton and still caused a fair amount of damage, so that’s not really a solution either.
    This I can attest to. Azriel took damage from Get Shrekt when it was hit front on, taking out a 6mm polycarbonate wedge (and I seem to recall Azriel was turned over by Get Shrekt as well from either this or a second impact). With regards to the tip speed, I simply put it out there as a point of discussion. I don't claim to be au fait with the physics of spinners.

    I do have to agree, spinner melees are tough and I think Neon ultimately exposed a design flaw in that it was able to catch the back end of Coolspeedbot 2 and apply full pressure on it to peel it the way it did. Perhaps a fully welded back end section may have helped though looking at the design again, perhaps more anchorage points instead to allow the side armour to come off?
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    For 2020 CSB 2 will be rebuilt into CSB 2.1. A completely new chassis made from HDPE (there's still some Hardox and Aluminium in there) and features interchangeable wedges and side panels to fight spinners.

    The Robot is slightly bigger and current weight calculations look to have the robot roughly 1kg lighter on the main configuration. The weapon has been improved upon the old one that suffered from some screw ups I made in the CAD. The weapon arm can now fully extend and reach 30cm in height. The drive as been changed, the single stage spur gears are just a headache and well... good hockey pucks :P The drive will use 5:1 planetary gearboxes paired up with brushless motors and have been moved to the front wheels so the internal layout is more streamlined.

    The HDPE chassis is basically a 6 wheeled version of CSB 1's chassis. I realised how simple it would be to make once I stopped overthinking it. This also means the build should be cheaper as all the HDPE stuff can be done by me, plus most of the internals can be reused in CSB 2.1 as the only (planned) change is the drive motors.

    (The following renders have the old wedge mounting points)

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    New design looks great!

    Also going back to the previous posts a bit, Robodojo is a great place to fight for feathers without going into big melees if it isn't too far north for you.

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