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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot: first feather weight robot

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    Ok got new hole punch coming along with a proper scribing tool should hopefully help a little.

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    Been a while. Coolspeedbot 2 is getting there wiring nearly done the bodywork nearly fully put together.

    I did a weapon test which you can find here:

    For more detail on whats been happening check out my facebook page: teamcoolspeedbot

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    And here is a bench test of the drive:

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    Thanks, would put out 9-10 mph currently if it had wheels on, but when it runs on the 5s lipo I'm planning to use it should put out 12-13mph.

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    They are the old BotBitz BB-85A, I was running them as brushed ESCS in CSB 1 but I converted them back to running brushless motors.

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    Just wondering what firmware you used to convert them back to brushless?

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    It was firmware that was provided for me already to flash, by another person. So I've not had a look at the firmware itself.

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    Preformed a new weapon test for CSB 2 it's working far better now, still need to resolve the issue with the motor mount slipping (will be fixed when I get the new base plate made) and try to work my mind out of this overcareful state, I'm still trying to be gentle with the weapon despite the fact it should handle being opened and closed at full speed.

    Test Video

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