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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot: first feather weight robot

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    I can't say much about slot and tab panels, but I've found that the dimensions on my watercut wedge/flipper are at max 0.7mm greater than I expected them to be. Most of the dimensions are about 0.5mm greater.
    Also, yeah for smaller holes like 6mm, I would make them a bit larger. I would maybe go 6.5mm - 6.8mm? I can't say for sure, but I made all mine 6mm in my CAD and the bolts didn't quite fit.
    A 10mm hole should be fine at its normal size - is this for a bolt or a rod?

    CAD is looking very nice!

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    Yeah all my holes for waterjet are 1mm bigger than required so they are a good clearance fit. The tolerance is caused by the kerf of 0.5-0.7mm for 4mm thick steel. If its thicker you might need more clearance. If they are too small you just ruin a bunch of bolts. Small holes tend to not be very round (<5mm).

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    Oh ok, so I think I'm on ball with tolerances from what you've said. Thanks

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    Wow it's been a while hasn't it. Time for a update, after finally getting a new job I was able to get funds for my robots and bought a load of parts for CSB, ranging from wires, connectors, aluminium sheet, foam and Lipo battery to name a few.

    Earlier today I finally did a test run of the bot with it's new battery (and fuse) safely stored in it's aluminium box with foam padding.

    I did a test outside just to make sure everything was fine before I came in and filmed a test inside. However as you'll see in the video the power lights started to play up, I later discovered my solder points had actually broken in places. I've bought a new soldering station to rectify the weak joints made by low temperatures of the old soldering iron which has decided to clap out a hour ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulusSmallus View Post
    The robot is looking really good

    When you are soldering the XT60 on, remember to tin the connector first (put some solder on the connector and the wire), put some flux on the joint, then melt the solder you put on and let the wire slide into place.

    this video is good:

    Sorry if you knew this already, this is just something I found useful to know.
    Yeah I knew most of that, it just happens to be that my soldering iron was hot enough to do that. But thanks for the video though a handy reminder.

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    I've made a big step on CSB today, the hardox wedge arrived from K-cut I just need to file the slots, tabs and holes smooth.

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    The front wedge has been welded and is currently having its paint dry.

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    Today was a rush, paint dried, wedge bolted on, internals installed, battery charged. Tomorrow morning Coolspeedbot will be given a full test drive as a complete robot. Some little bits to do but CSB is basically complete.

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    I recorded the test drive but I noticed that the lights were dimming when I gunned the drive. I did a bench test and couldn't understand why that is doing that. I then found that my motors twitch when I arm up plus there seems to be a clicking noise when I insert the removable link. any ideas why I'm encountering this?

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