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Thread: ESC Repairs

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    Ok, steadily working through the pile atm. Was thinking of writing up a technical review of each type of controller so people can compare different ESCs more accurately and get a better idea of how they work. I wouldn't name and shame who the controller belonged to (unless people want to be credited for supplying their controllers?)

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    Go for it.

    Found an old victor the other day I'll need to get you to look at. Fets touched and shorted the poor bugger out. Haven't looked at it since but seems a shame to let it go un used.

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    Noo, I've already got a pile of old Victors with dead FETs that I can't do anything with; the type of solder they use doesn't seem to melt unless you blast it at 400 degrees for ages, by which point half the other components are fried . Also, both Victors I have have dead FET drivers, but they have no usable part number on so can't find the part to buy more. I may one day work out how to fix them, but they are nasty things to work on.

    First review is up; a tare down of the TZ85 http://crcontrollerreviews.blogspot....tear-down.html

    Hopefully get around to doing more at some point, but there's a fair chance it'll all fade into obscurity rather quickly :L

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    Those Victor controllers have massive heat-sucking ground planes and possibly high temperature lead-free solder. I cut off all the FETs so each pin can be attacked separately with an iron from the top and a desoldering tool from below. I think I had to go up to about 400 Deg. but the pins get sucked out quickly with two heat sources.

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