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Thread: Double Trouble

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    What it was using was a couple of cordless drill motors (I'm not sure on the voltage) with mounts that Robochallenge used to make commercially and a couple of electronize speed controllers and Spektrum radio gear. I can't remember what else there was in there, but pretty much all the parts are transferable with other similar parts that it won't matter too much what you go with.

    Easiest way to get t going might be to ask if there are any of those mounts that anyone has that they're looking to get rid of, so that you don't need to do much fabrication or anything, then it's a case of fitting some modified drills (below)$ja=cgid:14507206137%7Cts id:59130%7Ccid:265006737%7Clid:18283950120%7Cnw:g% 7Ccrid:73382240337%7Crnd:3491518176051077008%7Cdvc :m%7Cadp:1o1%7Ckw:&gclid=COPn55ed9csCFcWVGwodpF8Aa g

    and speed controllers, again it used Electronize, but the commonly used TZ85s (link below)

    would work just as well.

    Wheels are a difficult one at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any simple way of doing it and I can't remember what size it was using anyway. Radio equipment is a matter of choice really, as long as it is 2.4GHz it should work. The kill switch for it is the Deans Connector just above the robot wars sign on the back of the robot, I'm not sure how it's wired exactly so the wiring for the drive might be connected to that one too, or you could just have another one the same next to it for drive.

    It looks like you'll need a battery and charger too if everything is in that photo?

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    In the end it wasn't using drill motors as they were struggling for power with the weight over the front of the robot. I believe a pair of 18v 775 motors, attached to "P60" Banebots gearboxes were actually used, which as we saw gave it loads of power. I was driving the little white and black robot called Tormenta in our competition. James is clearly a natural!

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    Ranglebox (Owned by Ellis) do the 'Saturn' motor and gearbox combo which will be a perfect replacement for the motors that were used in Double Trouble

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