Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to build a winning robot for Robot Wars I found,

most turned out to be dreamers with concepts built around a radio controlled car and numerous ideas

for weapons- most of which would be illegal even under the oldest rules like machine guns and

electrical dissruption ect.

I recall on one visit to a large salvage yard to purchase some second hand low pressure pneumatic

rams for immortalis(C2001) with my then teamate, we got chatting to the main man of the salvage

yard and after telling him what we wanted the parts for he voiced his opinion.

He explained how he would build his out of hydraulic motors going on to say how quote: they go like

bloody hell and they are strong as......

This intrigued me, I dont think I have ever seen a competitor robot than runs on hydraulic motors

I guess there wouldent be much room for a weapon once the pump and fluid tank was fitted.

I know there are some modern magnetic mounted hyraulic drills that do spin very fast and are

powerfull-perhaps a 4 wheel drive version or is it EEC says no