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Thread: Memoirs of a veteran roboteer

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    Here are the rest of my pictures form that testing day if anyone can spot their own creations

    It won't let me put more than 10 photos in the post, so here are the web-links

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    Depends on the heavy, but most have way better control than the series 2 machines, and are smaller. In other words, it's not the machine, but the driver.

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    It's great to see those old photos from series 2 auditions,I'm struck by how so many seem unfinished and
    I guess some were not-those photos are worthy of a museum to Robot Wars history .

    Auditions for series 3......
    Now the going gets tough,hundreds of people have applied and an unknown number make thier
    way to the auditions venue,at the time I believed there would be only 70 places available for robots
    and that 12 seeded robots had allready been chosen.
    As we pushed our robot into the venue we were greeted by the crew and producer and informed
    we had made a great contribution to series 2 and they we glad to see us again,they looked
    our robot- Death warmed up,up and down and there were smiles all round.
    We then made our way to the check in desk and the young ladies behind the desk fell into hysterics
    pointing at the weapon between the robots legs,we could still hear them laughing when we entered the
    other room for the tech check.
    Derek foxwell did the usual checking and he stated-this is what we are lookin for ....people having
    fun with thier robot building and he was generally pleased.
    The obsticle course was a better set up than in series 2 auditions with a ball and goal to shoot at
    a slalom and the same tipping bridge to drive over,we did well and the guy marking down the
    affort gave us the thumbs up.

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    Saint? Bullfrog? Tough As Nails? Gravity 5.2?

    Most heavies ain't as low to the ground anymore..

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    Robot Wars Series 3 competition venue......
    This was going to be a big robotic competition,120 robots had been selected to take part and
    future stars were about to emerge from the ranks.
    The building itself resembled a aircraft hanger with arched windows about 60ft of the ground,the layout
    as I remember was a large canteen then rows and rows of tables for the robots to sit upon
    then a massive sliding door leading into the arena .
    Our Robot -Death warmed up- was right in front of the arena door on a shared table with stealth.
    8 robots were in each group and we chatted to most of the teams in our group except hypnodisc-
    dont know how I missed them.
    Progress was slow regarding round one battles and by the start of the afternoon on the second
    day we still hadnt been in to do battle.
    we amused ourselves by chatting to the other teams and watching the screen when a battle took
    place, I remember the young lad about 6 or 7 years old and his dad were due to fight chaos 2
    in the first round,the lad kept drawing pictures of his crocodile style robot gobbling up chaos 2
    and his dad remarked how he had got a standing ovation during the auditions, I know
    thier ic engine let them down and chaos 2 showed little mercy.
    Stealth whom we were due to fight were a father and son team and the father kept saying he didnt
    mind losing as long as the robot didn't get smashed up-they were to fight hypnodisc after beating our robot.
    This was the occasion that Robot Attacks Man made the headlines -I was the only one tech checking my
    robot when rex garrods robot went bezerk due to a faulty switch and for a long time thought I was
    controlling his robot from beyond the sliding door.

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