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Thread: Team Eventorizon Clear Out - Inc Banebots Gearboxes & Spektrum Receivers

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    Since GSL is coming up in a few weeks I figured I should sell off some spares/extra parts I no longer need and save on postage by bringing it all to Birmingham.

    PM me if you want to reserve a particular item, if there is stuff left by GSL then it will be first come first served on the day.


    - Unused Parts

    2x Pollin 18V 775 Motors - £10/unit

    2x 16:1 Banebots gearboxes for 775 Motors (Unopened) - £60/unit Sold

    1x 64:1 Banebots Gearbox for 775 Motor (Missing Pinion) - £65 Sold Pending Payment

    1x 128:1 Banebots Gearbox for 775 Motor (Missing Pinion) - £75

    - Used Parts

    1x Speed 900 BB Torque (Genuine) - £35 - Sold

    1x Dimension Engineering 'Battle Switch' - £15

    2x 30x62 Bearings for Pillow Blocks - £15 for the pair (Originally bought for Conker 1, they've never been used but look a bit battered)

    - Used RX's - These are being sold as they only fail safe on the Throttle channel, however given most ESC's like the TZ85A have built in fail safes this is no longer a major issue.

    2x Spektrum AR6100e - £10/unit

    2x Spektrum AR6110 - £15/unit

    1x Spektrum AR6200 - £10/unit
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    I'll take the two 16:1 banebots, i've a slight crunch in one of mine.
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    Do you still have any of the Spektrum AR6100e receivers?

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