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Thread: Heavyweight Brushless Speed controllers: VESCs for sale- Hi amperage version.

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    Any technical questions should be steered to Rory Mangles (You can find him here on the FRA or on Facebook), he designed this version of the controllers, we just funded their production. It was done to help the development of brushless HW drive rather than make money; Conker IT is Not-For-Profit, so the more people that buy them and try them out the more data we will have for the next run/versions.

    If you go back and read the other posts you can see 2 working examples of their use with Scorpion HK 5020's and Turnigy 50CC Rotomax's. I can reveal Pulsar was the machine to use the Rotomax's in Robot Wars. That episode airs this Sunday!

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    Are there any of these still available?

    I need 3 for Triforce.

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