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Thread: Building "Hard-Ox" the HW Robot.

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    Good evening!

    Ive not really had chance to introduce myself properly, Im Jay, 30, from Lincolnshire!

    My first bot build was 16 years ago when i was 14!
    It was built from old vcr players and a rc car on zero budget (lol).


    16 years on, im still the geek i was back then!

    I have recently started work on my HW Robot "Hard-Ox", obviously a play on words from the material it'll made out of.

    I'm aiming to have the robot resembling an Ox with a spinning "nose ring"

    I know there is a hell of a lot of work to do, most i understand,

    However.. Speed controllers!?

    Are there any decent motor and controller drive combinations out there? The bot doesn't necessarily have to be quick.

    Ive been looking at the 4QD controller, but dont understand it fully, would it run a pair of 24v 750w motors, or would i need two?

    Would i need a separate speed controller for the rotary disc?

    Anyone with information is more than welcome to join forces!

    To the shell,

    I spent a day yesterday making the front part, im trying to be as original as possible,

    I love Matilda, and the detail on a few other robots..

    Heres Hard-Ox as it stands..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisJP View Post
    Looks like it could take a beating! Are your motors Brushed or Brush-less? Needs some evil red leds for the eyes
    Ive not committed to buying any electrical's just yet, as i dont want to be buying stuff that isnt compatible with other components.

    The Bosch gpa 750's keep popping up and i have found a website that'll supply them for £100 each, however, ive also heard that they are used in HGV trucks.. We actually deal with trucks at work, and the all use 24v high torque motors for the curtain systems (something ill be checking out tomorrow)

    Red eyes and steam from the nose would look great

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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisJP View Post
    Yep the GPA750 is tried and tested. If you can find a suitable motor at work being of a truck would 90% sure be a brushed motor. (like a tail lift motor etc.) what 4QD controllers were you looking at?
    Also how much does all that steel weigh may I ask?
    Ive been looking at the 4QD-300.

    Ive not weighed it yet to be honest, its only the front head with the underside and rear to come soon.

    At a guess, probably around 10/15kg at the moment

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    go for a Vyper from or a Roboteq, they are basically bulletproof controller

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    Depending on your budget, go for either a Wotty 360 or a Roboteq, these will cost you £400-£500 but you only need one for your drive. 4QDs are OK but don't have the best control, the 300's are a bit over spec'd and are phsically very big and heavy. You're probably best just using a contactor/relay for the weapon motor.

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    That chassis is brilliant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig_anto View Post
    go for a Vyper from or a Roboteq, they are basically bulletproof controller

    Checked out the Viper, the spec seems good and the price is good too.. Would that run the two drive motors?

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