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Thread: I have never......

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    was sat thinking the other day about this sport/hobby and thought about what ive never managed to do which loads of others have.
    ill get the ball rolling anyway!

    Strangly ive never burnt a motor out! countless speed controllers thou yes :P

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    In the UK/world FW champs, I've never lost a judges decision.

    I've also never welded :P

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    I have never burnt out a speed controller, but I have burnt out countless motors. :P

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    I've never won a fight in Britain... beetles and feathers...

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    i have never fought NST and not had my robot written off! lol

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    In the six years that both have been entered into the UK champs, I have never fought against Carcinus with Drumroll (the one year we did get drawn together, Carcinus wasn't ready in time). A bit boring but I couldn't think of anything decent
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    mrsam's Avatar

    I've been in two GSL champs and i've never fought a flipper or another axe in a competitive match

    I've been in with flippers and axes for Whiteboards and stuff but never in the main competition.
    Team Riptide

    We do Teamwork we think!?

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    Since owning a heavyweight I have never placed outside the top 10 in the UK Championships (the lowest was 7th with Maelstrom in 2011)

    I've also never won a final in a major event :P
    Will Thomas
    Team Shock
    2017 FRA UK Heavyweight Champions

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    Didn't you win the Winter Tour, Will? Says so in your signature.

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