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Thread: BattleBots UK competitors :)

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    I'm rather hoping that they end up carrying this on for a while, I'm far from able to build a full combat heavyweight both skill, time and money-wise, but it'd be awesome to be able to go and compete there in a few years if it's still on the air.

    Good luck to everyone who's going!

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    I'd quite like to see that happen. I think really the main factor will be how well Battlebots does, if it's a hit from these 6 episodes and gets renewed for another series, I can't really imagine there not being any interest from TV companies but we'll see...

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    Someone from robochallenge should contact Netflix...

    Arena, bots and a distribution network between them.
    More diversity than the heavyweights as well.

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    Just my opinion on how things stand at the moment...

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    In about 36 hrs the competition will start.

    Warhead (according to their facebook) made their tech check.

    How did the it others fair?

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