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    Forgot to update this with the news that Ranglebox now stocks the "RageBridge 2" ESC from Charles in the US. I have actual UK stock, so delivery is a few days tops. Should save a lot of hassle - no long shipping, then waiting for customs, then customs charges to worry about!

    I had 12 in stock 36hrs ago, now only 9, so this first batch won't last long!

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    I heard people were using them in heavyweights, would they work for them?

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    Yeah the Rage will work for heavyweights, so long as you don't exceed its max voltage! I don't think it can take 12s. It's good if you're running the right voltage though, because it's a dual channel ESC (just one ESC for both sides of the drive) and it has active current limiting which means it shouldn't blow up from too much current draw.

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    Are we talking ampflows here? I'm sure they can run wheelchair motors, they seem the least demanding of heavyweight motors. Brilliant! I though they were only for American lightweights, middleweight at most. I saw Tango with one using 4 motors (looked like ampflows), but surely that would be too much for them?

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    Yeah they won't do crazy amps, so only really one motor a side probably. But I know PP3D used the ragebridge for one, and it's possible to run two ESCs at the same time if you want four motors. It still works out quite cheaply as heavyweight ESCs go.

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    That's amazing, even one vyper costs more than those! When I get onto building mine, I'll be sure to get one.

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    Heavy Luna-tic will be running a Ragebridge with 2x 24v 800watt scooter motors. (on 24volts/6s lipo) Thing to remember is its not a fancy ESC. Its basic, but its does the basic VERY well and cheaply. Don't mess about with it, or over do it with the amps and volts and it'll be happy all day long!! (so I've been told) lol!!

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    BotBitz ESCs (10a and 30a) in stock, RageBridge v2s in stock, and a few Saturn-16 gearboxes + 775 motors should be available in the next few weeks too.

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