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    Botbitz are out of 30a ESCs at their end so I can't get more in until they're available again. Will be doing so ASAP, of course.

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    They're here! The Saturn-16 gearbox and plug-and-play 18v 775 motor are now available for purchase. I will have surrounding items such as shims to raise the gearbox when using the big motor, shaft mounts for wheels/other and spare parts available, in time. Stay tuned!

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    New item in the shop!

    The 25mm 1000rpm gear-motors everyone uses in beetleweights are now available through Ranglebox. No more risky Ebay-China buys. These stall at 5a (12v) and have a no-load speed of 1150rpm; they are the real deal.

    Thread locking compound is already on the screws and the screws themselves have been upgraded. The result is a reliable UK source of "the good type", ready to drop into a robot and often delivered next-day, for typically only £2 more than the Ebay suppliers.

    Product page:

    More Botbitz ESCs of all sizes are on the way to renew stock. ETA is ~7 days.


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    I just need to simplify it a little; it's currently fully detailed with gears, sticker and all. I'll upload a .step and one or two others ASAP.

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    Hi do you have an eta for the small 1000 rpm motors as My Kettle is in need of some more!

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    Yes, very soon - next day or two. Just got new stock this morning and need to do the various mods/QC checks before re-listing on the site. Won't be long.

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    Pm me when they are available
    Many thanks

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