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    Hi all, just a quick note to say I am now out of Botbitz ESC stock. Rough ETA for the next batch is 2-3 weeks from now, which will include 30a ESCs as well as 10s and 85s. Please message me if you are likely to place an order for ESCs when they're back in house.

    On another note I have just finished the Pay-to-Drive bot project for Kinematic Events:

    (EO hadn't yet put the colour strips on all five)

    Now that is complete I can update the website. Stay tuned!

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    Just a note: both previous imports of Botbitz ESC stock have been mostly snapped up before I could list them on the site, but the latest numbers are worth making a post about. I currently have 4x TZ85s, 2x 30a and 7x 10a ESCs ready to go. You can order from:


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    Stock levels of Botbitz ESCs are low whilst Botbitz themselves re-stock. I will get new stock in as soon as possible.


    I am pleased to announce that Ranglebox will soon be offering a featherweight-scale gearbox, the Ranglebox Saturn-16, as well as 18v RS-550 and RS-775 style motors.

    This line of products is currently in production and has an estimated release date of late June/early July. The Saturn-16 gearboxes are monsters, designed to handle high power motors despite being extremely compact, and the Ranglebox motors are wound specifically with robotics in mind.

    Details like dimensions and materials, as well as some images, are on the Ranglebox homepage.

    Check it out, very excited!


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    All three sizes of Botbitz ESC are back in stock. Make sure to order soon, they go fast!


    Gearbox news: As is clear, there is a delay in getting the Saturn-16 gearbox and accompanying 18v-550 and 18v-775 motors on the shelf. This is because of a manufacturing imperfection that, in an effort to maintain absolute quality, is being fixed rather than ignored. They will be available very soon!


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    Pleased to say the Saturn-16 gearbox and compatible 18v motors are just days from release. Watch this space!

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