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Thread: Team Shakesc : Build Diary

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    So Otis is a bit packaged inside (fresh air is a waste inside!)

    I built some spacers so that I can fit an Alien Power in place of the Speed 900's

    These are sensored motors on a single stage reduction so will be interested if they suffer cogging. Need to sort out a good ESC for these

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    I'll be very interested to see how 4 horsepower of brushless motors mixes with a featherweight... :P

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    These are almost twice the power of S900s if the ratings are to be believed (which, being brushless, I'm inclined to), so you may have a little more 'fun' with it :L If it works out though, I'll be very interested in it as it is quite a bit cheaper than equivalent brushed motors..

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    The 1,500 watt rating is probably the short-term peak output but the motors are likely going to spin the wheels long before they hit that level of power. What gear ratio do you have - when I was testing the AP motors, I had 7.8:1 and the cogging wasn't too bad.

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    Z12 on the motor, Z72 on the wheel. 6-1

    If this setup works, I have lasercut adaptorplates with mounting holes for several sizes of motors.

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    Running the numbers through with that motor, gear train, and what looks like ~80mm wheels (at 24v.. I'm not sure what it actually is) gives it a theoretical maximum of ~10mph with ~30kg of pushing power if grip was ideal.... aka, more than enough torque and speed :P

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