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Thread: Team Shakesc : Build Diary

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    I've got the motors mounted onto the brackets with the wheels. Played around to get a good engage. Gives a neat tidy package

    Mounted them into the chassis of Otis - yeh, looks like a box of wires just for testing

    Need to put proper spacers under the brackets. For now spaced with nuts off the bolt heads.

    The other thing I have done is used some of the weight to reinforce the flipper arm. The torque of the DeWut broke the welds a couple of times so have a bar bolted to the sprocket that connects to the arm. This should be alot stronger. My concern now is the strength of the chain.

    I will weld the front forks onto the arm once I am happy with the clearance of the wheels.

    The biggest learning from all of this is that the motor and ESC have to be viewed as a system along with the transmitter.
    With brushed motors its pretty much plug it in, trim it up and away you go. With brushless for drive the 3 have to be viewed as a combination and at least 2 of them are programmable.
    e.g. changing the trim significantly means reprogramming the limits on the ESC

    Its driven (badly - left and right were reversed at the time) around the garage and on the basis of the things I knocked over looks promising
    Time to get tuning, no turning back as I sold the speed 900s

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    Let us know how she drives. It will be very interesting to see if the ESC and Motor combo works as well as a regular brushed system. I am worried that new brushless systems will have the same kind of delay that old relay based systems had, and all because they are dealing with more power rather than less.

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    Why would more power lead to delays? Did you mean reversing delays or just slow response in general?

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    Yes I meant reversing delays. I was thinking something along the lines that brushless ESCs don't generally like suddenly reversing as they get out of sync and they have to deal with current running the wrong way but I am probably wrong.

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    From experience, sensored motors with a large reduction (over 20:1) don't have much of an issue. The only problem I am finding is getting high reduction gearboxes to deal with high KV motors.

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    The ESC's don't have a mechanical or electronical issue reversing. But a PM brushless motor , switch 2 fazes during running, and nothing will happen. It has to be stopped before reversing.
    Most ESC's brake slower than what we wish for, that reduces strain on motor and ESC. But with the Trackstars we use, it's not a big deal.

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    I am quite tempted by the Trackstar 150A

    I think 1 stage reduction is pushing it (but I'm willing to try) but a 2 stage with a sensored brushless seems a good compromise

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    Not with the adaptorplates I had lasercut .

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