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    First, welcome to the Forums! Always good to have new roboteers.

    Second, can you tell us what kind of experience you have, if any, and how much you know about the robots in general.

    There are many threads in this section asking exactly the same question... here is a excerpt of some part reconsiderations that were suggested to another newcomer just this week...

    2x Botbitz TZ85A speed controllers
    1x Orange RX R620 receiver (or equivalent)
    Spektrum transmitter (again, or equivalent, I have a DX5e)
    Pair of cordless drills/see if anyone's selling a set of GR01/2 gearmotors (nopw our
    12v battery, I would say 3S LiPo but I'd probably advise newcomers against jumping straight into LiPo batteries because there's extra rules and regs on them all (and safety precautions). Probably a 12v NiMh or something would do the trick.

    Add wheels and a chassis, you're good to go - wheels can be found on various places, or done yourself (Ellis - - has some great tutorials on this, as well as and a chassis can be constructed out of wood, or HDPE with very basic tools.

    Look in the Build Diary's section for hits tips and building techniques. We tend to suggest your first machine is just a push bot or an electric lifter to help you get the basics down of you have very little experience. You will learn the most by competing and going to events so build something, turn up, have fun, learn and then you can sit down and design a serious bot!

    Good Luck!

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    To be honest, you'd probably find a very similar parts list for the 12lb-ers to the one posted above, just the same as a featherweight but with less armour. Of course, you could find smaller motors or go brushless in the future if you wanted to do so but for a first build I'd keep it simple and go for a pushy brick type one with maybe a lifter or an axe if you wanted an active weapon.

    Dragoncon's table top events seem excellent too for newcomers, on account of them being geared more to being a 'show' rather than full on combat, so you'll be able to get plenty of practice in before going up against any of those nasty spinners.

    What sort of tooling do you have, or have access to? That will probably be integral to what materials you end up using!

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    What Matt was saying was the parts that Alex (Eventorizon) listed could still be used in a 12lb machine but obviously in a smaller and less armoured chassis. You say you're planning to buy all of those things for a low price? Does that mean you already have somebody to buy them from or is it just a plan that you'll find someone willing to sell them to you cheap?

    I'm not sure how effective that would be as a weapon TBH, I can't imagine it would have enough power to push other bots away with much force and even if it did I don't see rubber bands surviving for very long.

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    If you're targeting Dragon Con, I'm guessing you're somewhere in the southeastern part of the US, so I'll pass out a few useful links- -This is the general robotics community page on Facebook, tends to be a bit US-centric but covers a wide range of stuff -Group focused on robot combat in the Atlanta, GA area -This is the Yahoo group for Robot Battles

    Also, I put together a presentation recently that I gave at a local makerspace (Freeside- ) which can be found here- It's focused around combat in the southeastern US and has a good deal of links to vendors that may sell what you're looking for.

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