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Thread: What not to do!!!!!

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  3. Wow
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    There was another event recently that only used crowd control barriers to protect the crowd. Didn't end up going so well for a number of people

    There was also that incident a few months back in India.

    Whilst taking fighting robots half way around the world is cool, the same rules and regs governing both the robots and the arenas must surely follow.

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  6. This is RR/RW in Australia, we're heading out to Singapore in a few weeks. It's a shame to see arena's like this still being used, we're working closing with the Singapore organisers to make sure we have a safe arena to run in when we arrive.

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    As with Robots Live, we have run events in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and although very expensive had to get an entire arena built to the same specs as ours in the UK. There have been lots of enquiries but we have to turn them down if safety isn't meeting the FRA guildlines. It could ruin it for all of us if the worst was to happen
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    Manslaughter charges anyone?

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    They don't have any polycarb screens in Australia? What about the RoboWars guys?

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