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Thread: Wiring a Battleswtich

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    Id send the switcher back and ask for a new one- it was obviously DOA unless having it connected up to that motor blew it instantly.

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    Got the switch second hand so wouldn't be able to send it back, doesn't matter now anyway because SUCCESS!!

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    The switch is good for 10 amps & 30V, so not likely. I'd send it back unless the postage is more than the part.

    EDIT: just saw it was 2nd hand - sounds like you have a new frenemy
    Last edited by overkill; 29th July 2014 at 08:18.

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    @Harry, yeah was the one I got from you, no worries though I think they're just crap to begin with.

    @Nick, aha well Harry has done a load of good work for me so I think I'll let a duff switch pass seeing as he basically gave it to me

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    If you are sure its dead, it would be interesting to dissect it to see what the they use to do the actual switching. At a guess, its solidstate as the package is just too small for a relay.

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    I'll remove the cover later and post a pic of the gooey centre, tbh I wouldn't be surprised if it was powered by false promises and shattered dreams like most other Hobbyking stuff.

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    The one i had worked great - much better then dimentions products...i think quite a few are using the turnigy switches with success. I wouldnt let a second hand freebie put you off them

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