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Thread: The Pulse of Awakening (RPG)

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    The sound isn't as loud as when Gunrod stepped on it, but some part of the floor below is definitely hollow. Working it out more, it appears to be cylindrical rather than the typical square shape.

    Apparently her progress can be heard, for the voice speaks again. "State your identities now or perish."

    There is a low whurring sound, same as where the voice is coming from.


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    "I should be alright," Mira told the human, "So long as I can get some light soon..." While they flickered faintly, their voice was comparatively soft, almost crossing between alto and tenor.

    Taking a look around, Mira noticed there were three others there - make that three others that were alive. Clearly they weren't the first who had been thrown down there, wherever it was, and it would probably be best if the group found a way out pretty swiftly. At that point, a mechanical voice returned to the room, which Mira hadn't been paying too much attention to beforehand, demanding their identities. The "perish" idea didn't sound too good at that point. "Mira," they told the disembodied voice.

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    Deciding to hedge her bets, she responds with "I am Saker"

    However, she decides to use her massive claws to try and score the stone around the hollow area a bit, hopefully enough to kick through into some kind of escape beyond.

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    This was not how she expected to start her evening, what the hell had Max gotten them into! She enjoys a good riot and leaving the car parked somewhere random for Max to track down, but this took the cake. Not only had he somehow ended up getting them here, but he had left all of the weapons behind! The bastard will regret this she swore inwardly as mechanical voice speaks.

    Maxine leans back in the corner of the cell, scanning the other individuals intently. Two humans, a midget and a lightbulb, interesting but not surprising to a schizophrenic psychopath with a meta-physical transformation... Situation looks pretty shit she thinks to herself, nothing evidently available to use to her advantage. She looks at the the human and the midget playing with the floor tile, she hears that it seems hollow.

    "Oi, put some effort into it, it's not going to break itself open!" she coldly says two the pair.

    She listens to the voice again and starts thinking.
    Headquaters? Must be somewhere that has a structure system, some form of intelligence or civilisation.
    State Identity? Definately must be a intelligence system, these things are only as smart as the people who make them. Those people are usually stupid too!

    "SYSTEM OVERRIDE! TAKE US TO YOUR COMMANDING AUTHORISATION!" she screamed, betting that who ever created this place also had failsafes for it's creator or some sort of 'parlay'.
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    Gunrod slowly came to realize what shit he was in, dazed and confused...


    Gunrod's hands moved to his back, his trusty blunderbuss and rifle were both still present.

    "Thank the Three Hammers, my guns are still there... whoever put me here didn't take my guns!"

    Gunrod aims his blunderbuss upwards and fires a volley of bullets towards the vents.

    "That shall be your first mistake!"

    Gunrod looks around, noticing his fellow captives.

    "Oh, hi guys, thanks for the light Illuxion"

    (ooc, obviously I would very much like to know what effect the bullets have on the vents :P)

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    I'm interested in this, and i've whipped up a character, with handicaps already there, is this acceptable Kody ?

    Username/Alter-ego:Unaroshi Yamantes
    Realname: Unaroshi Yamantes
    Description:he is 1m40 tall, has a white skin, light blue eyes, short dark hairand wears dark blue jeans and a black shirt with a dark purple skullon it. He wields an sinister looking sword with a skull on the top ofthe handle
    History:Your average teen, or so it was until that terrible night one yearago, when upon coming back from a party his friends organised, hediscovered his parents, dead, he got truly shocked by this horrifyingvision, after recovering from the shock of such an terrible sight ,something else caught his attention, an sinister looking sword with alittle skull on the top of the handle stabbed in his father s'skull,upon grabbing the sword to pull it out of the skull, a mentalconnection of some kind got etablished between the teen and thesword, the sword seems to be alive and contain an evil spirit, forabout 10 seconds, the spirit tried to take over the teen, but thanksto his strong will, he managed to keep it under control, aftermastering his new weapon, he decided that he had nothing to loseanywore, and went on a quest to avenge his parents.

    Shapeshiftingsword : his sword can shapeshift into a double headed tomahawkthat he can throw on his enemies

    DarkForm : While in his normal form, he relies a bit more on agilityand reflexes than strength and defense, he may still needs to pack abit more of a punch sometimes, so he can let the evil spirit insidehis sword take over to transform in his dark form, in this form, darkpurple veins appears on his body and his eyes turns dark purple withblack pupils, while he s'much more stronger, his brain is altered bythe dark spirit s'influence, therefore trimming down his reflexes andoverall intelligence, he may also no longer recognize his allies inthis form, should he have some, this form also drains his energy, sohe can't use it for extended periods of time.

    DarkSword Abilities:When Unaroshi enters his dark form, his sword gains 2new abilites :
    -itcan summon black chains from the end of the blade
    -theskull can now breathe fire

    Unaroshi(normal form) :
    Will: 6
    Stamina: 5
    Speed: 8
    Intelligence: 8


    Unaroshi(dark form) :
    Will: 5
    Stamina: 5
    Speed: 10
    Intelligence: 5


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    (hey Mystic, welcome to the RPG! Your character is fine, but I will add the handicap that whenever he's in his Dark form, light will weaken him. Also, before you start posting, I would advise reading through the Last Oddestsey as well, to get a feel of how the posts go. While this RPG won't have the same plot/storyline as that, it will contain similar other elements)



    Mira and Saker try to reason with the voice, but unfortunately the shriek by Maxine, and the flurry of bullets by Gunrod drown their own voices out. The vents are riddled with bullets but there is no evidence of real damage.

    After the attempt on the vents, there is a long silence. At length the whirring noise stops, and there is clicking noises. Presently the voice speaks again, but not to them.

    "Hostility alert. Code: PRGMA-1SB. Send it in."

    There is a distant CRASH, and mechanical thuds are heard after that, growing louder and louder. Maxine growls, not impressed her attempt to confuse the voice failed.

    However, Saker manages to dig through enough of the floor, and then jumps back as a large sinkhole opens up, enough for to 2 human-sized beings to enter at once. Like the vents above, it leads into total darkness, but the walls of this new chute are oddly clean...


    The thuds stop, and a new voice speaks. It is even more mechanical sounding than the last voice and slightly vocoded.

    "Dissidents, submit your identities. Immediately. Your vain resistance will end in your destruction."



    The teen gets to his feet, and he can't see anything at all. To his vision, everything is black. Walking around a bit, he finds that the floor underneath him echoes somewhat.


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    Unaroshi finds that he's in a cell. This one is actually very well taken care of. There is an uneasy abundance of hygiene about it, with white walls and ceiling, and everything looks polished to abusrd levels. There are no doors, but the high ceiling leads to vents lining the higher walls.

    Several seconds after he uses the fire, though, he hears alarms going off.



    The five can hear alarms in the distance...

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