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Thread: The Pulse of Awakening (RPG)

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    Again, very nice.

    Saker's handicap - the spirit within Saker's bracelet would require her energy for her to use its powers. Not a lot, but enough to prevent her using it all the time.

    Looking for a minimum of 2 more characters before I get this underway!

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    Real name:
    Gunrod Gunmark Gunloins



    I was looking for inspiration and this went pretty well with what was on my mind

    The stoic yet bold Gunrod is a gun maker, as was his father, and his father's father, and his father's father's father, and... you get the idea. His ancient ancestor is the inventor of the gun. And HIS father was a rock (been reading WoW lore! "The bold and courageous dwarves are an ancient race descended from the earthen—beings of living stone created by the titans when the world was young. Due to a strange malady known as the curse of flesh, the dwarves’ earthen progenitors underwent a transformation that turned their rocky hides into soft skin. Ultimately, these creatures of flesh and blood dubbed themselves dwarves and carved out the mighty city of Ironforge in the snowy peaks of Khaz Modan.", I fucking love it!). Gunrod loves guns. A lot. He makes them, carries them, uses them, buys them, sells them, lobbies for free guns for everyone. Maybe luckily for the world, or at least those around him, he loves to hurt, but not to kill. He makes sure all guns he builds/sells/buys/uses have a non-lethal stun setting. But quite often also a separate kill setting. Just in case.

    Stoneform - Gunrod can temporarily, through concentration, tap into his ancestor's DNA and turn into organic rock. This doesn't raise his strength by that much, but does grant protection against, as well as a degree of healing from, ailments that could seriously threaten a more biological lifeform. Stone does not bleed, tremble, sicken, or quaver.
    Gun specialization - Proficient at building and modifying ranged weapons. Of many different designs. With the bayonet on the guns he carries with him, some wood and some form of string he can make a mean slingshot, give him more time and he makes you something like a trebuchet. Give him a proper workshop and he shows you why his name is Gunrod Gunmark Gunloins! Also, he has taught himself to use his bayonet to quickly cut any resource he may find, be it wood, brick, foam or whatever, down to the size of a projectile he can load into his firearm.
    Besides building guns, he also knows how to use them. Very well. A steady stance, a firm hold, pinpoint accuracy. Foolishly favors shooting even in melee combat, despite both guns he carries having a bayonet on them.
    Carries with him a blunderbuss and a rifle. The first specializes at a shorter range and fires a number of bullets that will scatter, the second is as tall as Gunrod himself, is more accurate, fires a single bullet, and specializes at long range. Both have a bayonet, both have a stun setting that will magically prevent them from murdering, that can be turned off, JUST IN CASE.

    Strength: 10
    Will: 5
    Stamina: 9
    Speed: 5
    Intelligence: 5
    Perception: 6

    Just to be sure, I have interpret the speed stat as covering actual speed as well.
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    Alright, good.

    Gunrod's handicaps:

    1) he can't be tossed by anything :P
    2) Gun specialization will require me to add proportionate mini-handicaps on each gun he invents

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    I need one more (constantly active :P) person in order to get the ball rolling here! Step riiiiight up!

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    People are still welcome to enter, but due to some IRL constraints Tracy will be entering later. Therefore I'm going to kick this off later today. Stay tuned.

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    You have now entered...


    ...the choice is yours.


    In a dark, dingy and filthy cell, the five beings awake. One of them is a being of light. Mira is its name, however it is very weak, and unable to remember anything from recently. Furthermore, Mira is the only source of light and only because of Mira can the other awakened beings see each other. They jump to their feet in alarm. The cloak of Saker whirls about her as she sizes up the others, Gunrod takes out his blunderbuss and Commander Shepard makes a crack that "no good can come from this", earning a glare from Maxine.

    Initially hostile towards each other, the party introduce themselves to each other. Maxine remains hostile and rather pissed off, but all of a sudden their attention is drawn to Mira as it begins to flicker. Its power is dwindling. Mira explains about its species tendency to lose energy over time, and so not only are they losing a source of light but also a sudden ally.

    "So where are we?" says Saker, folding her arms. "And how did we get here?"

    "I think all of us want to know that," replies Commander Shepard.

    As best as it can, Mira illuminates the area around them more. It indeed appears to be a cell. With a horrifying abruptness they notice a large pile of seemingly human skeletons, skulls, and bones in one corner of the cell. One of the skeletons is grasping vainly at the wall, as though it was struggling to get out when suddenly, it died. It seems there are absolutely no doors at all in the cell. It does, however, have a relatively high ceiling, and upon closer inspection there are several vents up above, though to where they go is uncertain. The ceiling itself is rock-solid and is caked with the grime of possibly centuries, and the walls don't look that great either. The floor seems solid too, though as Gunrod stomps on one spot, it makes more of an echo than anywhere else he stomps.

    Their inspection comes to an end as a mechanical voice is heard from somewhere outside:

    "Welcome to Headquarters. State your identities."

    The party look at each other. Mira is flickering again...


    A couple of things you could do here, but it all depends. What will you do?

    (also, it's been a long while. Let me know if there are any major technicalities, thanks )
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    The old appearance of this holding cell didn't really do much to boost Shepard's confidence. It easily looked far older than the First Contact date so that seemed to rule out any Council Race involvement, especially since the skeletons appeared to be human.

    And then there was that weapon that Saker had pulled out. How long had it been since projectile weapons like that had been used?

    The most curious thing was the cell companion that seemed to be a being of light. In his first disoriented moments he had thought it was some kind of VI interface, but no, it appeared to be some kind of actual living person (well maybe living wasn't entirely accurate but he'd think more about that later).His analysis of the room had been cut short by the voice asking for their identification. And that raised some new questions. It seemed whoever had abducted them either didn't know who they were, or were unaffiliated with whoever was holding them now.The flickering of the light being was also worrying. Finding an escape would be nice, but it seemed Mira was having more immediate worries.

    Shepard spoke up:

    "Things don't quite seem to add up here. The old corpses here don't paint a pretty picture but I don't think we've been rounded up just to rot away in this cell."

    He then turned to look at Mira.

    "Are you going to be all right? You don't seem to be doing too well. Is there anything we can do to help?"
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    Ignoring the others and the voice for now, Saker uses a wind-enhanced jump to try and reach up to the vents, and hopes that her claws will be enough to grip on to it.

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    Saker manages to grip onto the vents, but the slots are very thin and she doesn't have the best grip on them. From what she can see, though, the vents just lead into total darkness. Her grip fails after a few seconds and she falls back down.


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    Deciding that the air vents above don't look promising, Saker tries approaches where the slightly hollower sound in the floor had been, and taps with her claws to try and work out the area that might entail. She briefly acknowledges Gunrod with a curt "Excuse me" before examining the floor closely.

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