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Thread: Cheap Drive ESC

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    What voltage would these work up to when modified?

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    Despite the fact they say 8.4v on the packet, I've run them up to 13V fine, and that was before all the mods. I went through checking the data sheets for every component I could, and none of them were rated for anything less than 20V, so I think they're fairly safe at 13V.

    The board was surprisingly more robust than the spec said; the MOSFETS used could handle 32A continuous and 120A peak according to the data sheet. Normally with these things, they just take the specs straight from the data sheets. I think they must have toned them all down due to the lousey cables not being up to it...

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    The design was good enough at least that I may have to reverse engineer it for my heavyweight ESC..
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    wow ......if you get bored you could try getting these to work properly

    i got the first version which worked well and could happily run a 4wd bot over powered from 3s to 4s without getting hot but then they changed something and when you slam it from 1 direction to another they just stop

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    TBH, for 2 I'm impressed it did anything! That sounds like a firmware issue, so the same trick might work. Definitely have to check out those for my heavy! :L You able to get a detailed picture of the circuit board? Would give me an idea of the work required to upgrade it..
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    i did have 1 but cant find it will take a new pic and post it up tomorrow

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    Cheers What I really want to find out is what it's actual current rating is (put 320A through that and it will almost certainly explode spectacularly :P) and also if it can be run at / upgraded to 24v. I've spent 25 on my heavy so far, and the only part I'm lacking now is an ESC, so 16 wouldn't be bad if it could be made to work!

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    here are the pics hope they help

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    Thanks I can't read the chip numbers though; are you able to see what the numbers on the main drive MOSFETs are?
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    the nuber on the bank of 6 fets is

    IRL 3803
    U6 Z0

    the chip on the bottom is
    H1123 GB

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