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Thread: New Untitled Beetle

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    Hey there guys,
    Now things are getting a bit more serious with my beetle I thought I'd make a thread.
    Waiting on a mixer right now but pretty much everything else is here and I've laid out in my mockup.

    Initial Sketchup model

    Current proposed component layout (Yeah, I've got a lot of wires to shorten)
    2014-06-12 13.09.37.jpg

    Current Cardboard Mockup
    2014-06-12 15.13.47.jpg

    Wheel-wise, I think they'll probably end up sticking out of the back, which is okay, as I want invertibility as a priority, also gotta work out the size of the lifting forks.

    As for armour, the front slope and forks should be 3mm steel, the sloped sides as well as the baseplate and top plate 4mm HDPE, with the back panel and internal side panels (it's built like a front-wedge box with those 2 side plates attached) 10mm HDPE.

    Hoping to be ready for Bluewater Let me know what you guys think and stuff, I'm very new so I'm expecting to end up making mistakes :')
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    Looks like a good starting point, the shape will help to deflect the spinners and the armour sounds perfectly adequate. You may find that the forks get chewed up by the spinners so it might be worth having just a flat plate instead. What are the dimensions? it looks quite big but that might just be the picture.

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    It's quite large - the baseplate, including the 10mm walls, is 220x180mm, but its only 33mm tall including the top and bottom plates.

    As for the plate, that way well be a good idea. I'll try out the forks for my first event at least I think but then I may well go for the plate.

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    Been a while but I thought I'd update this with some of the photos that have already made their way onto the RW Facebook Group.

    Late August mockup, no wheel holes and the steel/lifter isn't mounted.

    Dodgy screenshot from a video of it actually operating (with temporary Bluewater HDPE front plate)

    And of course the latest picture, post-me-burning-a-speed-controller, including the temporary 'Waggly Stick' attachment and Bluewater front plate.

    It's got some larger wheels here ready to be fitted now, and a new esc on it's way. The steel and weapon are all cut and ready, as seen above, so hopefully something in the next few months I'll have this complete and running

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