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Thread: LYNX Beetleweight

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    Hi all, i've decided that i'm going to start designing a beetleweight version of Hatchet called LYNX, why LYNX? because in America LYNX deodorant is called AXE and i thought that was a cool coincidence. I'm hoping to build this alongside Hatchet 2 and have it ready for the end of this year/beginning of next year. I'll also be trying a Brushless motor for the axe, i realise that this means i'll have to gear it down quite heavily but hopefully i'll be able to get some advice on the best way to do that.

    The specs so far (likely to change but it's a start)

    HDPE for the chassis, what thickness do people usually go for?
    1 -1.5mm Aluminium baseplate
    2 1000rpm Ebay gearmotors
    Brushless motor for the axe, geared down heavily
    Mini Hatchet style axe ( of course)
    3s 11.1v Lipo battery

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    Just a quick question, i may depending on how difficult it would be build an overhead bar spinner beetleweight like Massacre or Hazard. Are the rules regarding removable links the same as in feathers? i.e a hollow shaft with the link accessible through the top?

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    I would think so, though the slaughterhouse is known to bend the rules here and there.

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    Yes Sam.

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    Right so, Putting the mini hatchet on hold for a while and i'm going to be designing an overhead bar spinner, an extremely stupid overhead spinner i might add. Basically whilst looking through some old bits and bobs i found a whacking great big lawnmower blade that looks perfect, 350mm long, 45mm wide and about 4mm thick weighting roughly 400g. The idea is to have a Hazard/massacre type chassis made from 10mm nylon about 200mm by 180mm and the blade on top sitting about 40-50mm high spinning at roughly 4000rpm. I am under no illusions that this is a good idea and i expect it to send itself flying on more than one occasion but still it should be fun.
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    That's a long bar! Overall dimensions and weight of the weapon sound perfectly plausible. If you needed to make it a little more stable the lawnmower blade could perhaps be shortened, or it'd be fairly straightforward to make one/organise a custom one. Best of luck!
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    Cheers Ellis hopefully i can get it working properly, my biggest worry is the motor not being able to spin up the very long blade quick enough but only time will tell. The blade in question

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    Does look perfect! Great find!

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