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Thread: Tashic's Robots

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    Little drive test:

    Servos and microswitches with 2 12 cell NiCd packs, one for each side.

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    Continued the build, by adding front and side armour:

    I still need to add bolts.

    Now the problem is that at this stage I'm 1kg short of the weight limit, and I still need a top cover and electronics.
    So when you fing that your robot is overweight, or is going to be over weight, what do you do?
    Also how people make their drill motor mounts and how much they weight?
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    Moar progress, about time...

    Other than the obvious top cover (10mm HDPE), I replaced the base with 3mm aluminium, and the mounts are now 10mm HDPE too, so now I have 2Kg for the electronics and battery, plus other things to remove for the axe, but that's for later.

    Tz85's from hobbyking, and I'm thinking of a 5s 4000mAh lipo battery, 4s is probably not enough to self right.
    I'll then need to build a box for said battery and ESCs.

    As the motors are rated only for 12V, can I just reduce the travel on my TX to save them?
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    You're a really talented builder. That's fucking ace!

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    You can definitely rate limit your radio to reduce motor heating but with 12V motors running on 14.8V, its probably not necessary. A 4AH battery seems way too large for a non-spinner; it doesn't hurt to have extra capacity but you can save weight & money with a smaller pack. Without knowing much about your bot, I'd guess a 2.5AH pack is probably enough.

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    The battery is going to be 5s, so 18.5V, and apparently I keep overestimating how much capacity the robot needs.

    Also Harry, the robot isn't precisely built, pretty much everything is wonky and not straight if you look carefully, but it's still functional and I like it overall .
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