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Thread: Tashic's Robots

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    Thanks Harry!

    Some updates:
    This is the antweight that I was working on for some days:
    Made from brass rods welded with solder and bolted 0.5mm alluminium plates.
    The green stuff in the wheels are rubber bands for added traction.

    plus, I put in this robot the name on the top:
    Yes it's called stormer 2.1
    It's inspired by another robot.I let you guess which one.

    and something that I did a while ago just for the look:

    and last I bought 2 red leds for the featherweight, witch I will call Black Wood, for obvious reasons.

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    Added the name and the leds on the back!


    And I did a little drive in a basketball field near my home.
    There was broken glass, so the scoop got some paint removed.


    I think that I can consider this robot finished, as I dont plan to modify it.

    For the second featherweight I plan to make a 4wd robot with a hammer.
    Would a starter motor from a small car or a motorbike work for a hammer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here's the video fully charged:

    Now here's the things to improve for the next FW:

    Better reliability using speed controllers, add a weapon, make better wheels, have 4wd, better materials and a better battery.
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    Scooter motors work great for axes/hammers, my robot Hatchet uses a 300w scooter motor which swings a 1.5kg axe with no trouble at all

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    Thanks for the info Mrsam.

    I almost finished my ant, it just needs the side pannels, but I want curved in a strange way to fit this:

    Is there a way to curve 0.5mm thick in this shape?

    My dad accidentaly found this site that sells and cuts titanium.
    We don't know the price yet, but what would be a good thickness for a featherweight and a good price (of example a 1mX1m sheet of that thickness)?
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