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Thread: Tashic's Robots

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    Grade 5 is generally considered the best grade. Will be very expensive though. Which competitions are you likely to fight in?

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    Probably in not very serious competition, that's because I asked, and maybe I don't even need titanium in the first place, but I was just asking for later robots.

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    Chris Bonnici
    Liftoff (FW) Ret. Blastoff (FW) in prog.
    Interested to know what prices you were quoted for gr5, 4mm thick Ti

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    Conker 3: Insomnia 58 Champion - Binky II: Active - Crackers N Smash: Active - Smash: MW Champion
    Same here, it is great to have Titanium for certain key components which need to stay rigid and straight like motor mounts.

    As for thickness's here are some examples...

    Conker 3 - 3.6mm Grade 5 base and top armour to stop axes and spinners.

    Little Hitter 3 - 3mm G5 front and 1.5mm G5 sides capable of surviving the most powerful spinners, just.

    Mr Mangle - 4-6mm G5 welded unibody, incredibly strong and rigid but exposed top.

    Binky - All armour and Base plate 2mm Grade 2. Slopped and able to deflect most blows, can be bend back into shape.

    Beauty (1- - Tubular titanium exoskeleton design, can survive spinners but welds break eventually.

    It all depends on what you want to do with it. Some Beetles and ants use it as scoops. If its a light event, even with spinners then 1mm of G5 may be enough but if you wanted to come here you may need at least 2mm depending on the design.

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    Chris grade 5 titanium is 70 (about 57 pounds) for every kg, not counting the cost of cutting.

    Alex, the next robot will have sloped front and sides, so is grade 2 good enough for non spinner battles?

    In a 4wd robot with a motor on each wheel, if I put a belt and link the wheels on each side, is going to be better than without the belt?
    The idea is that if the front or the back is lifted, i still have the power of all 4 motors.


    Made the side pannels on the ant:
    But, as expected, is overweight by 8 grams:
    Everything else is completed, I only need to bring it to 150gr.

    And are roller skate wheels good?
    Because I found my old skates, so I have 8 of them:
    The diameter is 76mm.
    A problem could be attaching them to the motor axle.

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    Madeley, Shropshire
    Grade 2 titanium will be fine for non-spinner battles, but in truth you needn't use titanium unless it's to save weight. Steels will do for non-spinner events just fine.

    If you have a wheel on each motor, I wouldn't recommend connecting the wheels by a belt or similar. Mechanically connecting motors can cause issues, in that two motors are never quite identical and so they struggle against each other. It would probably be fine but I can't see it benefiting the robot, in fact it may make the drive less efficient and you'd lose performance.

    Rollerskate wheels and such are viable, I'm sure. Fairly robust, perhaps a little lacking in grip as the rubber will be hard. But as you say the main problem is connecting them to your drive motors. Behind those bearings will be a large, possibly odd shaped (although likely smooth) bore, which is difficult to attach to.

    Also, nice work on the ant! The armour looks great, I love the overlapping sides.

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    Here's the finished ant.
    Only a very small amount of the chassis is plastic and is very asymmetric because it is all hand made by me.
    I had to make lot's of holes and cut some parts of the frame, but I managed to remove 8 gr and now it weights 149.6 gr.
    The name is F2, because is the successor of F1:
    Most of the parts of F2 is from F1.
    I also still have the chassis of the ants that I took appart!

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    Time to post again!

    A few days ago was my birthday, so I went with some friends to a go kart track to race.
    There was a massive pile of used tyres and I got 2 of them for free! Are they good enough if I screw slices of them to some wheels?

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    Sam Price
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    A lot of Heavyweights use go kart tyres so yes they would be usable

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    Hi all, I did a search on google for the weapon motor that Mrsam suggested and I found this:
    At what voltage should run it?
    Is 18V enough, as I intend to use 4 12V drill motors.
    Also what's the best ESCs for the drive motors?
    And for the axe can I use the servo and microswitches system or I need a esc for that too?
    As for the HDPE for the chassis, where you buy it from?


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