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Thread: Ice Cubed Robotics

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    Hello everyone, GF93 here.

    Not sure if this is the correct place to put them or not, but because I come from ARC, I have a few designs for robots that I'd like to showcase- as well as to potentially discuss new ideas and things. Most of the ones I have here have competed on ARC already (Hence the team name above- literally cold-blooded killers.) but someday, I do fully intend to build some of them and compete IRL, so any advice on doing so would be greatly appreciated.
    Unless otherwise mentioned, all my robots are CADed and/or illustrated by me.

    To start out with, here's Dreadnought Mk2- the third in a line of similar machines and one of my personal favourite Heavyweight designs, currently competing in the FRR: No Mercy competition on ARC.

    Named after the UK's first Nuclear Submarine and modelled on the second version of Cassius, it's a sleek and aerodynamic wedge design with angled plating and thick armour for resisting horizontal spinners, high speed and agility, and a powerful front-hinged Flipper that runs on Low Pressure COČ gas. Thoughts?

    EDIT: More information on its design not elaborated on already can be found here.
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