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Thread: Burgess Hill

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    Who is going to this event with their working battle ready beetles please?

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    If all goes to plan we will be bringing one.

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    Thanks for your interest Limpet....but due to the lack of beetle weights attending there isn't much point taking the arena. no worries

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    Ok thanks for letting us know.
    Its going well too. We`ll take it and give it a demo.

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    That's a shame, was going to be my first time seeing the beetles
    Oh well, will probably see them at some point in the not to distant future

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    Yes please Harry! That would be cool, cheers

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    i might bring a beetle, i just cant get it trashed as its my GCSE :P

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    I was going to be bringing Mantle and put Soundwave back together for a run.
    Will Thomas
    Team Shock
    2017 FRA UK Heavyweight Champions

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