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Thread: First featherweight

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    Hello, I'm making my first featherweight.
    I already searched in the forum some advices, but I made this thread to improve.
    I also made some antweight, a flipper and a rammer.

    I still don't know what the name is going to be.
    The motors are 12V coordless drills, the batteries are from the same drills, but soldered in a 2X5 pack.

    It uses servos and microswitches, the recever battery has a switch but the motors have 1 removable link for

    The body is wood, the top and bottom plate is 1 cm multilayer, the sides are 1.8 cm plywood (I didn't found 2 cm) and the front is 3 mm steel.

    It's about 31 cm long, 44 wide and 8 tall, not counting the wheels.

    I will add steel parts on the sides to make it roll on it's wheels.

    I've got a spektrum dx6i for the TX and an orangeRX 620 for the recever.

    That's it for now.
    If there are any other italian roboteers, let me know!

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    Solid and well thought out little machine. Nice and tight too. Now much does she weigh? I would guess around 8Kg given that its wood. I can just seen an actuator fitting in there to give you a basic lifting weapon too with out many mods.

    And I think the closest roboteers to you will be in Spain and Portrugal.

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    It looks quite solid.

    Another point worth mentioning is that using an electric speed controller instead of servo's and microswitches will give you incremental control over your speed and will reduced the amount of wires considerably.

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