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Thread: The Last Oddetsey

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    Spod, remembering a beautiful opera singer he once knew who could shatter a glass with her voice, picks up the large metal pipe and using his great strengh starts smashing the pipe down on the ground to make a loud ringing sounds, by varying the force he smashes it down with he should be able to match the resonant frequency of his glass tube hopefully causing it to shatter.

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    Well...this was bad. A thick glass-looking pipe, just enough light to be able to see, and a very faint sound of singing. There seemed to be others in similar pipes as well, so at least he wasn't on his own. Or being chased. All in all, things could have been worse for Twitch.

    Still, he was trapped inside a transparent tube, and there was seemingly no way of getting out. The macaw paced back and forth a little, glancing around nervously. "Okay," he mumbled to himself, "okay, you're stuck in a pipe, you can't get out, and you've no idea how you got here." His pace quickened slightly as he began to panic a little. "It's no big deal! You just wait for someone to open us up, let us know there's been some kind of administrative error, and then we can all head home!"

    While he was going through his monologue, though, he completely missed the items stashed in the pipe with him. That is, until he trod on some kind of metallic block. Stopping, he looked down at what he had as company for the moment. A magnet on a string, and an ABBA tape. An escape kit would have been better, but...hey.

    Clutching the string in his beak, he brought the magnet up first, half expecting it to cling itself to something, but no. It just hung there. The bird gave another cautionary glance at the others around him, before swinging the magnet into the pipe with a dull thunk. And then again. And again. Nothing happened, but at least he was trying.

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    (Oh God... What did I do last night? Come to think of it, what did I do a few seconds ago?)

    (Wait, what?)

    (Oh no.)

    Oh come on, this is ridiculous! You can at least wait for me to build my next doomsday machine before throwing me in the clink! Bit overeager, are we?

    And just why have I been flung in with the Z-listers? Don't you know who I am? This is Professor Vengeance you're dealing with, you know, not some common flunkie or menial henchman that a bloody cat?!

    (OK, OK. Settle down, Reggie. Plenty of time to lawyer up later. First things first - where are you? Tubes are an odd touch. Could be a Sqyrjian prison cruiser. Not as damp, though, or as smelly. Could be old Dr Phineas Phlask's place, but it's not as bright or as messy. I can see the floor for one thi-)

    (Hullo. What're these?)

    (Interesting. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a shield generator. Not exactly big, but it'd do in a pinch, I suppose. I've no idea what this thing is, but it looks sciencey, so I'm having that.)

    (Ooh, watch. Nice. Yoink!)

    (And is that?)

    (No. No, it's not my cane, not quite anyway. The wood's a bit darker, the carving's fancier and the texture's rather more...bony. Ew. Sturdy as ever, though, same screw-top...)

    (Wait, where's the emerald? It's missing! How's the wretched thing supposed to work without a power source? Do I even want to know what's in this case now?)

    (Oohoohoo! Gemstones! Emerald, sapphire, ruby and...these are interchangeable with the cane, aren't they? Oh, this is good! Too brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?)

    (Now, now, Reggie. Mustn't get overexcited. Somebody locked you up with these goodies for a reason. This is either a test or a trap. Or both. How very me.)

    (Oh well. I won't find out slobbing about here all day. This green gem looks a lot like my old one. I'll use that on the cane first, play things safe for now, at least until I get some answers from our host. Let's set the old girl to 'laser' mode and cut my hole to freedom.)

    (Seriously, a cat?)

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    The Professor's new gemstone turns out to produce a high intensity beam of sound which shatters through the tube immediatly, sending the glasslike substance tinkling to the ground. At the same time, the increased air pressure caused by Eudial's heating the air causes her tube to burst out out in a blast, leaving the pyromancer looking flustered and out of breath in the middle of a radius at glass. Cracks are beginning to form in a third tube, though that it more likely from the impacts from Spod rather than any kind of vibrational match.

    There is the faint knocking from a fourth tube.

    Meanwhile, the three recent escapees find themselves in a large room, above them the ceiling seems to be made out of numerous metal circles with elaborate symbols on them and random bits of glowing that indicate the inevitable presence of the kind of technology or magic that no one actually understands despite claims to the contrary. The circles get increasingly narrow so as to form a huge funnel. The narrowest point of the funnel is above a conveyer belt upon exiting the tubes it appears that the glass tubes were on this conveyer belt moving round away from it. There are 12 tubes that appear to be used before the current inactive one.

    You also note the source of the singing, a strange song is coming from a figure who gives the impression of being a mounted knight without actually looking like anything more than a patch of light. He sings a song which sounds like it would have originally have been chanted during glorious battles, but is now sad and tinged with bitterness. There is also a very large mound of something towards the only apparent doors to the room.

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    *Eudial glares at Prof. Vengeance*
    Menial henchman... that's rather amusing, hearing you say such words that describe you perfectly. *as a parting shot* Your fly's open, by the way. (Nutcase.)

    *Eudial turns away from the [probably quite angry] Prof. and glances around the room*
    Pfft. Not my first choice of decor but I can live with it. ...huh? (...hold on, what the devil is that noise?) *tilting her head so she can hear it louder, but it's not clear, specifically because that damn bird is pecking on the tube* ...damn it.

    *Eudial is unsure how to react; regardless, hating working as a team, she refuses to ask anybody else for ideas (but will probably listen anyway)*
    (sorry Steve, gotta remain in character xD)
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    After some aggressive hammering, Playzooki manages to shatter his way out of the glass tube to join the others.

    Professor Vengeance, Playzooki, Eudial, Spod

    Still Trapped:
    Everyone else

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    Gaunt opened his eyes, but for a few moments wasn't sure that he had. He seemed to be in a place devoid of light. He certainly wasn't in his shop wherever he was now. But where was he? He stuck his hand out and quickly found a solid and smooth barrier in front of him. Some quick examination told him that he was in quite a small container. Completely sealed. A thought raced across his mind.

    (Flagg, this has to be that Randal Flagg)

    But was it Randal Flagg though? They had only crossed paths once before and though both of them seemed to sense what the other one was, they took no special interest in each other. Flagg had known some people that would be more than willing to buy from Gaunt and Gaunt always welcomed the oppertunity to collect more souls. Flagg had disappered before things had take their usual dramatic finish and Gaunt had continued on his work as usual. Flagg had only seemed interested in causing meyham, and this was far too elaborate.

    His train of thought was broken when he noticed the room slowly being flooded with a faint light. He noticed there were several other containers like the one he was in and all of them were occupied. The occupants themselves were quite unsual even by his standards. Definetely not Flagg. Now that he could see he began looking for a way to get out of his holding cell. Some of the other figures seemed to be thinking along the same lines. With a high pitched noise two of the other containers burst, one after the other and the two figures escaped. Shortly after two others pounded their way out.

    Gaunt look down at his small section of floor. He had none of his own possesions with him, not even his satchel which caused a spasm of anger to cross his face. If someone had stolen that, they would come to greatly regret that. The souls it contained were his! He had taken them! So much time and effort had been spent collecting them. He almost missed the items there were at his feet. The first was a container with picture of a firey landscape. He opened it and nearly laughed. It contained some extremely strong aftershave. The other item seemed to be a stack of papers. He picked them up and held them to the light and noticed (in extremely fancy yet evil looking lettering) that it carried the name of Hell.

    (Hell's Stationary)

    This thought DID cause him to laugh. For all his usual charm it wasn't a pleasnt sound. It was the kind that made children cry or grown adults wince. Fool though the person (or possibly persons) who had put him here undoubtably were, they did seem to know who and what he was and seemd to have some sense of humor. In any case he saw some use he could get out of them.

    Still he was no closer to escaping his cage. It seemed very solid and he had nothing to help him pound his way out. Perhaps he must transform to his true shape or at least partially. But he must do that quickly while the others were otherwise occupied. Showing his true form was generally not a wise move. It was quite difficult to charm people once they saw his true form as an evil demon. Still it was dark enough and no one seemed to be paying any attention to him at the moment. His relatively normal apperance was a great asset for him in this case. He looked down at his arms which had tripled in thickness and taken on a truely hideous look and turned his back on the other containers and pounded on the glass...

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    Having escaped Spod looks at his surroundings, he notices a group of people who have also escaped their cells but is reluctant to talk to them as he fears he will be ridiculed for his appearance. He notices large funnels coming down from the ceiling and wonders if this is a potential way out.
    But he has no way of getting there, just as he has lost all hope of escape he notices an angel trapped in one of the other cells. (maybe she can fly up there and find a way out!)
    He attempts to cover his rocky skin with the gown he found at his feet then picked up the heavy pipe again and broke open the angel's cell. As it smashes open he is initially apprehensive and reluctant to speak to her, he moves away and attempts to hide his face from her.

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    Swinging the magnet over and over, it barely seemed to be making a dent in the pipe that Twitch was still caught in. Still, he carried on his escape plan, pausing for a moment when he heard the shattering sounds nearby. Three of the captives seemed to have found a way out, so there must be some way to escape. Just after he noticed the three figures, a fourth had managed to smash his way free as well. That said, he had what appeared to be a gun, and Twitch was stuck with a magnet. Dropping what he had already claimed as "his" magnet, he began flying around inside the pipe as best he could, trying to draw attention to himself.

    "Hey!" he called to the escapees, "Hey, over here! Can you guys get me out?"

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