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Thread: Eggbeater

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    Ok, Just sticking some pictures of my beetlweight builds up here.

    Old, first version of the robot for anyone who doesn't know. Looked pretty cool but had some really, really bad flaws.
    I've learned (hopefully) from this and have changed the design to improve the robot.

    Here is the new version before I worked on it today. Frame is 10mm chopping board (I know, a bad idea but I can't really afford different yet) the motors are 1000rpm ones from ebay. The pulleys are custom made by Ellis. The "belts" in the picture are hair bands because I didn't have anything else to hand.

    Here is a untouched pulley next to the one I milled a hex onto. Reason for doing this is so it can fit onto banebots wheels because the adaptors are too expensive for me. It also has a grubscrew in it to hold it onto the D shaft of the motors.

    Did all four and made up some belts. The stuff is basically O ring material but I cut it to length and then joined it with a soldering iron. Works well!

    That's where I'm at so far. Need to get the armour made and mount and wire in the electrics.
    Should be interesting to see when it's finished and see if it performs ok for a chopping board robot powered by 10 motors

    Cheers. Harry

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    Tormenta 1 was a chopping board powered by 10 motors too.

    Looks great man, as I've expressed. Those hex pulleys came out sweet. This'll be a cool robot.

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    I can see this being a pretty brutal machine once it's finished! How fast does that beater spin normally?

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    And is that still at 500g too? That sounds more than a bit lethal! Looking forward to seeing it in action!

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    Looking good!
    Will be interesting to see how it handles =)

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    Looking very nice! Reminds me that I really need to pull my finger out and get Soundwave running again. Might have to go for the heavier disc this time as the impact could be fun if these meet
    Will Thomas
    Team Shock
    2017 FRA UK Heavyweight Champions

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    Did you cut the bulkheads by hand? Very neat!

    There's not much meat around the bearing slots for the beater, if it's chopping board then it'll likely crack.

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