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Thread: Combustion powered weapon

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    Simplest point. The build rules allow for it.

    Event organisers, venue owners and HS&E have another idea

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    A list of food for thought...

    fit it with a thick walled plastic fuel tank.
    encase the fuel tank in 10-20mm of silicone for impact resistance. also flame resistant.
    locate the tank in a well protected part of the robot, preferably with steel armour.
    if using a vapour vent on the fuel tank, use a double baffled vent with flash back retarder, in-case vented vapors ignite. you could also use an expansion chamber instead.
    use armoured fuel line, or run a heavy duty fuel line through a stainless steel home shower flexihose. firmly secured along entire route.
    vent exhaust fumes through a catalytic converter. xD

    being a tad more serious, I do see a bit of a potential issue with flammable liquids escaping and catching fire.
    but I do agree this would be an interesting avenue to explore, and that "technically" it does fall within the guidelines.
    If there are robots using petrol as a fuel, then there should be no reason why it should not be allowed in a static weapon at those same events.

    I'd definitely hang onto your designs, and personally, I'd build the damn thing anyway, just out of interest, haha

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